Stars Savior





In a perfectly ordinary Galaxy the Stars suddenly stopped shining and the whole Galaxy was in jeopardy. Inhabitants of your home planet, Gravitania, have the technology to restart the dying Stars and have sent you to save them! You are "GraviTony" the Gravitanian, and you can control Gravity. Use your powers and the gravity of planets and asteroids to fly through the Galaxy and save all the Stars before they die and explode!


The fate of the Galaxy is in your hands! 



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• Simple "one-touch" controls. Easy to play but hard to master! 

• Complete objectives to upgrade your Space Ship and increase your score multiplier! 

• Wormhole across the Galaxy to reach new Stars! 

• Semi-randomly generated levels for endless replayability! 

• Unlock Game Center achievements and climb the leaderboards! 

• iCloud support allows you to pick-up where you left off on any of your iOS devices! 

• iOS 7 optimized 

• iPhone 5/5s/5c optimized 


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